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    Stormcloud Games

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Brut@l is a modern take on classic ASCII dungeon crawlers. Progress through difficult levels fighting onslaughts of tough enemies while crafting weapons, brewing potions, and leveling up your character, available for PlayStation 4.


Rogue-Like: Each life is precious with perma-death in effect.

Better Together: Take on the hellish scenarios with a friend in the local co-op.

Roll for Initiative: Create and share your own devious dungeons!

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Game Videos

  • BRUT@L Map Editor Trailer

    I love map editors/creators, and today we have a trailer involving BRUT@L's map editor! It looks fantastic!

  • Brut@l Ranger Class Reveal

    Brut@l concludes their class rollout series with the Ranger reveal.

  • Brut@l Warrior Trailer

    Brut@l showcases its warrior class as the class reveal series continues.

Game Articles

  • Brut@l Launch Impressions

    By Jaime Skelton (MissyS), Senior Editor   Nothing works like a jolt of caffeine to my gaming brain quite like the word "rogue-like." Heck, even...