Burst The Game

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  • Developer:
    Lancelot de Briey

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    Free To Play, Shooter

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Burst The Game is a free-to-play shooter developed by Brieyla Studios for PC and Linux that is available for download on Steam Early Access. In Burst The Game war has been raging since the BURST terrorist group attacked the government 5 years ago. It all started with an assault on the Internet, then spiraled out of control from there. Most of the important government bodies came under attack soon after and the stock market started to crash with all of the revolutions disrupting it's flow. Now select groups are fighting back to regain their freedom. Will you earn your freedom or die trying to acquire the very thing we all hold dear?


Shoot For Freedom: Fight for your freedom in an endless number of multiplayer battles, gunning down the opposition.

Varying Weapons: Choose whatever weapon you need to suit your needs, whether it be an SMG, Sniper Rifle, grenade, or melee weapon!

Skins: Customize the look of your weapons with different skins so you can fight in style!

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