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Camon Hero is a new online free-to-play, control action MMORPG with a unique card summoning system. Developed by T3 Entertainment and published by Uforia, Camon Hero is a unique trading card game that lets player’s battle alongside their friends and creatures as they journey to save the land of Aria from the forces of darkness.
Players can create their own unique deck to battle with and find powerful monsters and allies to fight alongside and support their team. The unique card based skill system, in combination with stat points, are used to create unique classes. Like a good TCG the possibilities are endless!
Camon Hero features a unique card summoning system that allows players to find and collect hundreds of Summon Cards and use them to create allies that will fight alongside players till the death! Ranging from healers to magicians to guardians, a player’s success depends on how they utilize this vast array of potential companions.
Key Features:
Upgrades, Item Dismantling, and Crafting -- Dismantle unwanted equipment and cards, and use them as materials to upgrade and customize your favorite skills and cards.
Card Creation -- Find hundreds of rare card recipes and create unique personal bodyguards! Player’s creations will not only help their friends but also set them apart from the crowd.
Countless Instances -- Players can join "Instances" that only they can join, or play with friends for one-of-a-kind rewards and challenges. Not only can players adjust the difficulty level based on how many friends they have, but they can also participate in unique PvP battles and rankings!
Never Ending Quests -- Camon Hero features numerous zones and maps in addition to a multitude of quests. No grinding required; quest your way to the top!

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    Camon Hero offers cute flashy combat to dream the day away. Make sure you find the rare cards to create your own personal bodyguards and unleash even more

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