Card Monsters

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    Edgebee Games

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    Fantasy, Free To Play, Strategy

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Card Monsters is an upcoming free-to-play mobile TCG being developed by Edgebee for iOS and Android, but it is also currently available in a browser game version on various web-game sites. In Card Monsters players can follow a singleplayer campaign where they will be guided by an already seasoned adventure who gives them helpful hints and tips about their battles on their journey. With a simple battle system, friendly art style, and numerous strategy options Card Monsters will be easy for anyone to pick up, but still provide rewarding strategic battles!


Simple Battle System: Play monster cards to place them on the battlefield and use equipment cards to power up your monsters. It's a simple, yet fun way to battle opponents.

Duels: Play in Duels where you can battle against AI-controlled decks that are made from other players.

Monster Types: Monsters can be either ranged or melee oriented, so you will need to decide what ones to put on the front or back line.

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