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Casvian is a web browser game that contains elements of war and strategy, role-playing and simulation. The game focuses on the conflicts of four races—Human, Elf, Undead and Orc.

Innovative big-map mode
Currently, big map interfaces of all webgames are static and the movement of troops on the maps are invisible. In Casvian, however, the future of webgames will be changed as Casvian incorporates mode of the Heroes into the game.

There are fundamental differences between the big-map interface of this game and those of other webgames:
- Heroes and their forces are visible on the big map.
- There are geographic changes on the big map and the movement of troops are restrict by geography.
- Heroes can stop on the big map.
- Heroes can attack one another on the big map.

These features have the following advantages:
- Interaction feature among players.
- Broaden player strategies. Interception of heroes, castle ambush, team defense of heroes, etc.
- Direct your troops like in real war and explore olden strategies like "Befriend distant states while attacking those nearby"

First of all, combat in the game is controllable. This means that the player can control his troops like order the troops to go forward and backward, stand by and cast hero spells, which makes the game more manageable and creates more strategies opportunities for the players.

Excellent combat scenes are a must in Casvian. Heroes casting spells and when troops attack enemies are a real sight for the senses. Players can almost feel the heat of war during these scenes.

Combat Scene (Skills that the hero is armed with and can cast during battle are listed in the middle lower part of the picture).

Although Casvian is a webgame focusing on strategy, they have incorporated RPG elements especially for hero development because heroes play a vital role in a war.

There are many relevant systems for heroes, for example: hero point system: upgrade, add points, etc.; hero skill system: You can research and arm heroes with various skills; large equipment system for heroes, equipment forging system and equipment besetting system, etc.

When entering the game, you will be immersed in the detailed world of Casvian with clear streams and dazzling sunrise.

Large Guild System
Casvian has a guild system and has the following advantages over other webgames:

- More guild skills
- More diplomatic settings
- Player custom guild positions
- Better guild tasks, better dungeons system

No Downloads Required
It is easy to start playing Casvian. Players can log on from any computer with no downloads required to start playing this exciting strategy war game. Play from your office, college or even cybercafes without going through the hassle of downloading the game client.

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    Casvian promises to bring some innovative new features to the Browser MMORTS market. This movie offers a small sneak peak.

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