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    Fantasy, MOBA

Chaos is a 3D RPG web game developed by Joybit where players are able to do their part in defending the empire from all sorts of foes. Dragons, monsters, and humanoids are all potential adversaries that the player will need to engage. Chaos' world is influenced by western myth, a world in which the Admodian and Protoss factions go to war when the God of the land vanishes. Players are given the opportunity to become one of two classes in Chaos: the Swordsman or Paladin. The Swordsman specializes in offensive skills whereas the Paladin specializes in defensive and supportive skills, but both of these classes have been born with both Admodian and Protoss genes within them, putting them in the position of needing to defend the empire rather than participate in a faction war.


Daily Events: Some of Chaos' end-game content is offered through daily PvE events. Different PvE events, like Elite instances, will become active at different points throughout the day. Elite instances specifically allow players to battle very tough bosses for schematics which can be used to forge powerful equipment.

Companion System: Chaos includes a companion system in which players are able to recruit Hero characters from a variety of gods and champions to help them fight in battle.

PvP: Chaos is not limited to only PvE. Players have the option of participating in 1v1 duels which can be fought in the Arena and Guild wars can be waged which offer team battles.

Battle Power System: Every character in Chaos has a Battle Power value. This value is calculated in order to determine how strong a character actually is. Battle Power can be boosted by leveling the character up, leveling up companion heroes, and equipping better gear.

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  • Chaos Alpha Gameplay

    A video showcasing some of Chaos' alpha gameplay the day before the alpha test for the game was started.

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