Chibi Warriors

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  • Developer:
    37Games Entertainment

  • Genres:
    Fantasy, Strategy

Chibi Warriors is a strategy MMORPG developed by 37Games. In Chibi Warriors, players will watch as people from modern times are transported back in time to the era of the Han Dynasty where the three clans: Wu, Shu, and Wei, reigned supreme. As players build upon their civilization, they will start to farm resources which in turn can be spent on upgrades, new units, and new heroes.


PvP: Players can face off against each other in the PvP arena to determine who is truly superior.

Multiple hero units: Chibi Warriors has a wide variety of avatars and hero units to choose from. Every player is sure to find a unit that fits the style and look that they would like leading their civilization.

Numerous in-game features: The cornucopia of in-game features that Chibi Warriors contains will surely keep players busy. Alchemy, mining, daily events, and the pet system are just a few of the different options that Chibi Warriors presents players with to choose to spend their time on.

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