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  • Developer:
    Claws Up Games

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    Fighting, Other

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CHOP is a local multiplayer platforming fighting game stylized with gorey comic-book inspired visuals. The objective is simple to execute, but difficult to perfect: kill the enemy and escape to a portal before dying yourself. Available for Windows.


Tools of the Trade: Take advantage of the various means of destruction such as boomerang blades, impaling knives, cross map guns or lasers, augmentations, grapples, teleports, and homing missiles among other things.

Diversity in the Murder Place: Pick from 1 of 4 unique characters, over 25 stages, and 3 different game modes.

The Old Adage: It's easy to pick up and play, but oh so tricky to master.

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    Jump across gory arenas cutting down the competition and escaping to live-saving portals.

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