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Chronicle: Runescape Legends is a free to play CCG developed by Jagex for PC, Mac, and mobile devices. In Chronicle: Runescape Legends players will get to explore the wondrous world of Runescape like never before through card game duels and quests. Chronicle is powered by a magical book that can create anything and everything from the world of Runescape and the lands of Gielinor. As you explore the pages of the book famous landmarks and landscapes will grow from it, filling up the page. Are you ready to explore exciting lands like Misthalin, Morytania, and many others in an exciting, new way?


Fight Cards: Your fight cards are either your monsters or bosses, which will help your Legend earn gold.

Adventure Cards: The gold your Legend earns can be spent on adventure cards, which provide boosts and effects to different aspects of the game.

Quests: Every quest is actually a duel between you and another player, fighting to prove your supremacy and reap the rewards of the match.

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