Clash of Kings

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    Strategy, Free To Play, 2D Fantasy

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Clash of Kings is a persistent-world real-time strategy game featuring tactical military combat and kingdom management. Wage wars, fight armies, and overrun rivals' castles your quest to conquering all 7 nations!

Business Model: Free-to-Play

Microtransactions: Yes, there is a premium currency available for purchase.

Key Features:

Manifest Destiny: Build up a massive city by constructing and upgrading a wide variety of buildings.

Attention!: Recruit and train up an army of veteran soldiers.

Eye Catcher: Enjoy beautiful scenery and art across the endless empires.

PvP Action: Battle or defend against enemy players from around the world at any time.

Ceasefire: Negotiate key allegiances for a vital strategic advantage in an unforgiving world.

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  • Clash of Kings Trailer

    Build, expand, and conquer to the ends of the world!

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