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Clash Royale is a free to play 3D fantasy mobile strategy game developed by Supercell, creators of Clash of Clans, for iOS and Android. The game features many of your favorite Clash of Clans characters, but this time they are battling it out in an arena-like setting with you as their commander. Take your personalized deck of cards into battle, summon your units, and lay waste to your opponents in order to prove you truly are one of the best duelists around.


Card Upgrades: Collect the same type of cards to combine them into an upgraded, stronger version of themselves.

Chest Unlocks: Chests will be awarded when you defeat your enemies and they can be unlocked over time to grant you new cards.

Clans: Form a clan with your friends and share cards to help each other become even stronger.

Private Duels: Challenge your friends and clanmates to private duels where you can settle your differences and finally settle the argument of who is the better card duelist.

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