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Clean'Em Up is a free-to-play 2D top-down shooter developed by Amidos for PC and is available for download on Steam. In Clean'Em Up a computer has been hacked and is under attack from various kinds of viruses and other digital threats that could compromise the entire system. Files are being infected and spreading the virus at an alarming rate, and even Sectors are taking damage. Only the Security Army and its team of antivirus can save the computer.


Upgradeable Antivirus: Blast down every little thing trying to compromise your computer's security with your upgradeable virus that can be outfitted with different guns, bodies, and abilities.

Bosses: Stronger, more dangerous viruses will pose an even larger threat to your computer's security. Waste no time in exterminating them.

Upgradeable Weapons: Weapons themselves can be upgraded and help your antivirus survive the different kinds of waves of viruses assaulting your computer.

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