Cliffs of War

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  • Developer:
    Puzzle Lab

  • Genres:
    2D Fantasy

Cliffs of War is a side-scrolling, fortress-building game in which players construct elaborate citadels and defend them from roving hordes of enemies. The game features PVP play, solo content, and a mythological setting.


Fortress Defense: Spend time and money building up the perfect fortress to defend against monster attacks. Choose from guardian minions and turrets, specialized rooms and traps, and more. The core of the game's fun centers around watching your many foes break against the mighty ramparts of your personal fortress.

Create Heroes: Create your own fantasy heroes to battle it out with other players. How does it work? Design them specifically to bring down the defenses of other players fortresses, with special abilities, special aesthetic options, and their own unique stats. In this way, Cliffs of War has fully-featured PVP options.

Amulet Collection: Create, collect, and evolve various amulets to grow your abilities. Unlock new techniques and refine existing ones with the use of these amulets, which you can craft or find throughout gameplay. There are multiple types of amulet, each one corresponding to various kinds of abilities or statistics.

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  • Cliffs of War Trailer

    This video shows various features and gameplay footage from Cliffs of War, a fortress-building defense game.

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