Close to the Sun

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    Wired Productions

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Close to the Sun is a 3D first-person horror-adventure game taking place in a quarantined refuge for unbounded scientific experiments. Naught but catastrophe and mayhem free from moral constraint lies ahead, and yet you must press on through the sickening aftermath of science pushed too far to save your precious sister.

Business Model: Buy-to-Play

Microtransactions: No

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RUN & HIDE: Being a journalist has it perks, unfortunately many of those don't apply in a den of evil. Think quickly and act faster to escape a myriad of deadly encounters along your derelict journey.

Burning Up: Explore every inch of the Helios solving puzzles, overcoming obstacles, and unraveling the mystery and history behind the abandoned floating fortress of ill-gained progress.

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  • Close to the Sun Launches Worldwide

    What if Nikola Tesla fulfilled his genius potential in the 19th century? Close to the Sun answers this as it launches globally today on Nintendo Switch, P

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