Cobalt WASD

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  • Developer:
    Oxeye Game Studio

  • Genres:
    2D Sci-Fi, MOBA, Sci-Fi

Cobalt WASD is a 2D platforming MOBA developed by Oxeye Game Studio and is available for purchase on Steam. In Cobalt WASD players can play as adorable murder-bots running, jumping, and gunning their way through bomb-defusal based matches. Deck yourself out with all kinds of weapons and battle it out with other players in this intense take on the 2D platformer genre!


Round-Based: Start out in the shop gearing yourself out with weapons, armor and more before heading into each round of your match. If you can survive the round you'll get to keep all of your equipment previously purchased.

Teamwork: Teamwork can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Synchronize attacks and positioning with your team to overwhelm your enemies. You'll need teammates that are distracting enemies, healing your allies, and trying to sneak their way around to the enemy base or to initiate a surprise attack to come out on top.

Strategic Equipment: Use equipment like stealth suits to sneak your way past enemy lines, reflector shields to dive headlong into the fray, and teleporter guns to jump your way across the battlefield.

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