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Everand is a peaceful place, but deadly spirit channels inhabited by roaming monsters criss-cross the land. Players are pathfinders, heroic adventurers trained to cross the spirit channels safely.
The lore of the game is rich and deep, with many conventional dynamics, including hundreds of quests, unique items, and an incredible compendium of monsters to engage.
The game’s groundbreaking and unique combat system draws inspiration in equal parts from the real world and from the fantasy world of Everand. It rewards quick action as well as deep strategy and planning for each encounter. Players have to think ahead and be ready to act and react when in danger.
Players level up and earn ‘coin’ to pick up new gear, necessary when pathfinders must cross the channels and encounter the creatures. They can only be defeated with tonics, spells and traps and with the right number of Magic Points (MP) and Concentration Points (CP). As the player progresses, the spirit channels become more difficult to cross with more and harder creatures to beat.
Each player has a customisable character and can chose from five ‘critters’ when creating their character. Critters are animal familiars that travel with the pathfinder and can be used to buff the player’s character or others nearby.
Character stats, item inventory, MPs and CPs are all displayed in the player’s journal. The most successful players are represented in every player’s journal, and clicking on other players’ characters reveals their stats and gear. Players can talk to others with set greetings, questions and statements within the context of the game. Some quests can only be completed with friends.
As players progress, they will discover how the game interacts with the real world around them. The game is free, available online and new quests will roll out over time.

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    Everand is a peaceful land. But the people of Everand live in fear of the deadly Spirit Channels crisscrossing the lands.

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