Colonies Online

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  • Developer:
    Iron Bit

  • Genres:
    Sci-Fi, Shooter

Colonies Online is a Sci-Fi MMO Sandbox being developed by Iron Bit. The game is currently available as a Steam Early Access game and will be undergoing constant development. Players who are ready to take over the universe will find many planets awaiting colonization where they can craft, mine, hunt, and build structures to claim the planet as their own. Team up with your friends to take over a planet and gather resources, or work as a group to defend your territory from other invading players by fighting back and building defensive structures. The choice is yours!


Open World and Open PvP: In Colonies Online's expansive open world with numerous planets, PvP fights can happen anywhere at anytime. Any players left alive can be a potential problem lurking in the shadows. Players will truly need to keep their friends close, and their enemies closer.

No Building Restrictions: Colonies Online gives creative players the ultimate resource, no building restrictions! Enjoy creating your base in absolutely every way you can imagine, but be careful not to make others too jealous of your exceptional craftsmanship!

Alliances/Wars: Players are able to dictate their alliances and choose who they would like to strive towards a common goal with, but those who start to cause trouble can have war declared against them and will become an adversary.

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