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Colopl Rune Story is a free to play 3D Mobile RPG developed by COLOPL NI, INC. for both iOS and Android. In Colopl Rune Story you can play by yourself or with friends in real-time action combat where you control every movement of your character, hacking and slashing your way to victory. Through quests you will learn more about Rune Story and unlock new characters to play as, along with new weapon combinations. In Colopl Rune Story epic adventures await around every corner, but are you ready for them?


Characters and Classes: Over 100 different playable characters can be unlocked and each character will be of a specific class type: Mage, Lancer, Warrior, Fencer, Brawler and Sniper.

Guilds: Guilds can be formed with friends and other players looking for the greater challenge of taking on epic bosses!

Town Building: By building and upgrading parts of your town you will be able to harvest more resources and use them to level up and train all of your heroes.

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