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    Sci-Fi, Strategy

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Conglomerate 451 is a first-person grid-based RPG featuring dungeon-crawling roguelike elements and a dystopian cyberpunk theme. As the CEO of a special operations group, you have been tasked with taking back an out of control sector. Build a an army of human clones and restore order at any cost.

Business Model: Buy-to-Play

Microtransactions: No

Key Features:

Well-Funded: Do whatever it takes to man your army. DNA manipulation, extreme training, cyberlimb implants, and the best weapons money can buy - nothing is off the table.

Knowledge is Power: Juggle a variety of resources to research advanced technology, powers, and tactical options.

I Asked for This: Augment your soldiers' body parts to gain instant weapon & armor proficiencies and access to new utilities.

R&R: Even small wounds can leave lasting scars. Carefully manage physical and mental health for long-lasting results.

Breakthrough: Traverse through dangerous procedurally generated dungeons and missions while keeping an eye out for intel-hacking opportunities.

PERMADEATH: Try not to die, you've only got one life to live.

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