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Core Exiles is a browser based MMO that gives its players the freedom to explore and fight in space. After your exile from the Core, you set out on a journey to make a name for yourself across the stars. Fight, trade, or govern your way into the history books. Compete against other players in exciting mech-based combat. The game is constantly receiving new updates and contents, letting everyone experience something new.


Combat based missions: Fight against notorious space pirates, or become one yourself. Pillage ships for their bounty to sell or develop your own ship.

Settlement building: Players also have the option to develop a settlement, protecting your people and becoming a wealthy nation. Mine asteroids for resources and explore strange worlds to help develop your colony further.

Competitive action: Mechs are the name of the game here! Fight against player opponents in an arena, seeking glory, renown, and money.

Mix and match: Play however you like. Play as one, or combine all of the above for a truly unique experience.

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