Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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    Valve Corporation

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (also known as CS:GO) builds upon the classic, team-based FPS content of Counter-Strike with new maps, characters, weapons, modes, and more.


More Game Modes: Try the classic competitive and casual modes, or opt for the new Demolition, Deathmatch, and Arms Race modes.

Ranked Matchmaking: Your wins and losses will help calculate where you are ranked and matched in multi-player. PC players may also access private dedicated servers.

Cross-Platform Multiplayer: Available on PC (via Steam), XBox 360, and PlayStation Network, players can find themselves matching up against the competition in new ways.

New Weapons and Redesigned Maps: Facelifts to classic maps, new weapons like the Molotov cocktail, and more await you in this fresh look at Counter-Strike.

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