Country Wars Online

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CoutryWars is based on the eternal power struggle between immortals and humans, has a compelling storyline of love, hatred and revenge that unfolds over several episodes. As you go along and jump into this exciting journey, everyday will hold new meaning as you make your friends online and play and hunt and share your best moments together in real life 3-D environments.

CountryWars is something you have never experienced before with the most amazing and hauntingly beautiful animation and graphics you will ever see!! What's more... the world of CountryWars will be yours to rule, conquer and control!

CountryWars starts during the Golden Age with the evil "God Beings" launching their assault on the harmonious Spirits, Humans and Ancient Animals. As cunning monsters ruled the land where destruction and doom prevail, a group of legendary knights and mysterious warriors unite and embark on their long journey of survival and victory.

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    "This is a story of humans, before they were defeated in the War against Gods and driven out to "Agonyl", the land of bitter...". That's the prologue

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