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Crazy Killer is a third person action MMO created by Ino-Co Plus and published by Gaijin Entertainment. In this game. players are randomly assigned roles such as citizen, sheriff or killer. Sheriff players will have to do their best to find the killer among the citizens in order to win, but nobody knows who is who, so everyone is a suspect, creating a dynamic game enviroment where no player is safe.


Trust no one Any player could be the killer, and every player has the option to mask themselves as a different character, so every player is a suspect.

Tons of Tactics: There's a ton of different ways to win and earn experience.

Specialties: Use special weapons or special skins to turn your foes in mincemeat or play more confidently while masking your role.

Cartoon Visuals: Enjoy destroying enemies or saving player in a cartoony, comic-book style world.

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