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  • Developer:
    Siege Games

  • Genres:
    2D Fantasy

Crea is a 2D fantasy sandbox RPG developed by Siege Games and is available for download on PC and Mac on Steam Early Access. In Crea you can explore vast, fantastical worlds while tearing down and building them back up on your adventures. Monsters will be roaming the lands as well, and you will need to protect yourself with the gear you've found along the way. As you slay enemies your character will gain levels, growing stronger to take on more deadly monsters and the even more deadly boss monsters! Crea leaves players with a lot to be explored, and with an adventurous spirit you might even find some new realms to venture into.


Conflict System: If you leave monsters alone for too long they will start to grow both in numbers and in strength, so keep on slaying!

Mod Support: With a little bit of knowledge of the Python programming language and some creative determination, you can make anything happen in Crea with mods!

Talent Actions: By using your skills and performing related actions to your talents, you will be able to strengthen your skills even more and even unlock over 75 new skills to use!

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