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    Gaijin Entertainment

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    Shooter, Free To Play

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Crossout is a F2P action MMO developed by Gaijin Entertainment. Focused on vehicular combat, Crossout lets players engage in a post-apocalyptic world where they can craft cars, ride and destroy everything in their paths.


Crafting Vehicles in this game are all crafted by players using a wide range of different vehicle parts.

Complete freedom: Create vehicles of any shape using dozens of parts, wide variety of armour and weapons

Advanced damage systems: Destroy any part of an enemy machine and it will affect the vehicle's performance immediately.

Trading: Trade parts with other players, then use those parts to destroy said players.

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Game Videos

  • Crossout: Gameplay Trailer (2020)

    Join CROSSOUT, the post-apocalyptic MMO Action game! Craft your unique battle machines from a myriad of interchangeable parts, ride them directly into comb

  • Crossout Doomsday Cars Update Video

    Welcome all to the update 0.11.40 “Doomsday cars”! Join the new season and complete special challenges to get the cabins of legendary rarity and other

  • Crossout – Launch Trailer

    Crossout is officially here on PC, PS4, and XB1! The insanely customizable vehicular shooter is here!

Game Articles

  • Karl Hebert

    ok, seems I ll be the first to give feedback.
    Straigt to it I give bad reviews and good at same time let me explain why:
    The game dont have his own in-game currency. it only have Coins you have to pay real cash for it. all the market is based on that currency the real money.
    So have a look:
    1- there s taxes charge on market of 10% this mean at every transaction the overall player investment just disappear.
    A) there s not player to player trade this reinforce the 10% lost.

    2- the Crafting stuff, the common item dropped anywhere in game worth on market btw 0.02 and 0.5 coin but crafting them in game currency cost you about 20 coins and whatever you wanna produce is Always cheaper to buy on market.

    3- they say market is only controlled by player, by myself I do generate at least a dozen fuel barrel from battle per day and when you look on avalaibility on the market there s about a 1 000 avalaible and as soon as price goes up new appear cheaper for buy and higher for sell order keeping a barely null benefit. The buy and sell order are most of time so close that this not worth to try to play with the market by buying a bunch in purpose to resell cause of the reason 3, the reason 1, and this other reason: very limited space to handle materials and module in your vault.

    4- the price for coins are really high in real money.

    5- the first level are cool, adorable and are a good experience but after you mainly play vs bot they are part of the battle at 50% and they work like this is you use common module they come in rare, if u use rare they come in unique if you use unique they come in expic. This mean before you are fully epic fitted you wont win as player, bot will win or lose the battle for you at a very high rate. if you are like me you are gonna be feeling frustrated, disappointed and will buy coins.

    the actual cost of epic set in real money is around 10 000 coins worthing about 150$ us, considering the player f2p will just melt right at start, you are gonna face either bot or other player spending hundreds of dollars in-game.

    dont forget when you ll pay and buy 10% will be lost straight there, in emptiness of taxes. so before trying or thinking about: canon are getting bored lets try missile, you wont be able to switch cause you ll pay taxes so here come an other 50 us dollar to swtich and you lost your first stuff in addition now you have 2 many module in your vault cause you did lvl up and you cant erase basic module. So pay to get room expension you ll get a useless amount expension slot from it. Lets mention that assembling your vehicule that is taking a considerable amount of time must be saved and you can save 5 of them for free after that buy it for a +1 slot this cost in real money 10$ to save your 150 $ vehicule and if you are out of room in vault pay an other 10$.

    – The game give what player like, a craftable game, not customization but a real craftable game wich is great, the game dynamics is fluid, barely no lag ever, good graphics as well and nice effect.
    – There s no open map
    – Very limited interaction with other player
    – You have to pay a considerable amount of money in real cash to play and enjoy a FAIR fight vs bot cause player …. … …
    – Try new stuff and enjoy a fair fight you have to spend large amount of money again and again.

    So before entering the game consider this cause the game still really fun and addictive:
    can we call this a f2p games?
    is there other game offering the same ?
    will you enjoy the game if you get popped by overpowered bot you and all the player at a rate of 75% of battle?