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    2D Medieval, Free To Play, Strategy

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Crown and Council is a free to play casual strategy game developed by Mojang and can be purchased for PC on Steam. In Crown and Council players can get a firsthand experience at geopolitical drama where they will need to conquer any foes standing in their way of complete domination. You will use your gold to build forts, universities, and launch attacks on adjacent land tiles, slowly taking over the world in the interest of your kingdom. Only one crown can rule these lands, so let it be yours!


Different Strategic Approaches: Advance your kingdom through education or aggression, both of which are viable strategies.

Procedurally Generated Maps: The game contains 75 different maps that were created through procedural generation, and you can even generate your own maps on the fly.

Simple Design: The game is not intended to be exceptionally complex and all types of players can pick it up fairly easily.

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  • Crown and Council GameJam Trailer

    Team Mojang, famous for Minecraft, adds a free game to Steam in the style of the tabletop game, Risk, with Crown and Council.

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