Crusaders Quest

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  • Developer:
    NHN Entertainment Corp.

  • Genres:
    2D Fantasy

Available on Android and iOS, Crusaders Quest is an 8-bit action RPG from TOAST where players can command over 200 heroes and slay monsters while rescuing Goddesses who were kidnapped by evil forces. Goddesses will lend their powers to you as you and your fierce army of pixel crusaders liberate them, helping you repel the darkness and bring peace to the land.


Puzzle Combat: Players will engage in real-time puzzle combat that requires both strategy and a sharp mind. Timing is key as players match their heroes' skill blocks, making their attacks more devastating all the while filling their power meter which can be used for special moves.

Classic Dungeon Crawler Classes: Players can select from 6 classes and recruit from over 200 heroes to fight alongside them. Priests for healing, wizards for magical power, and fighters for brute strength are among the vast selection of crusaders for the player to take command of and slay enemies with.

Equip Weapons and Strengthen Heroes: Heroes can be strengthened by leveling up and being outfitted with gear. Crusaders Quest has hundreds of different weapons that crusaders can be equipped with to help them fight off evil forces.

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