Crush Your Enemies

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    Vile Monarch

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    2D Fantasy, Fantasy, Strategy

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Crush Your Enemies is a 2D RTS game with a focus on humor developed by Vile Monarch for PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. If you're growing tired of the countless fantasy worlds with brave knights and petite elves you're out of luck...because Generia is yet another one of those worlds, but thankfully there are a group of ruthless barbarians on their way to plunder villages, impale settlers, be inappropriate in every way possible, and drink beer to their heart's content. The best part of it all is you have the chance to lead these violent, inappropriate warriors to victory!


Cross-Platform Multiplayer: Enjoy fighting against other players across a wide array of devices due to a simplistic control scheme that has universal appeal.

Important Items: Manage your inventory and the powerful items in it so you are prepared for any situation. Some of your items might even be able to sway the tides in your favor in the middle of a battle.

Singleplayer Humor: Enjoy hours of entertaining gameplay and hilarious dialogue between characters in cutscenes.

Crazy Bosses: How many times have you been able to say a game gave you the chance to take on a massive snail that would love nothing more than to head-butt you into a bloody pulp?

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