Cultist Simulator

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  • Developer:
    Alexis Kennedy

  • Genres:
    2D Fantasy, Strategy

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Cultist Simulator is a narrative driven digital boardgame where you must achieve a particular win condition from the result of a nigh endless amount of choices. Do whatever it takes to find success including discovering indomitable rites in dreams, crafting a variety of tools, summoning spirits, indoctrinating innocents, and even seeking out unholy demons. How you play along every step of the game will decide whether you achieve your goals or succumb to insanity, available for Windows.


Trials and Temptations: Will you be destroyed by the merciless red powers of the night or will you ascend the ranks of the various clans?

Generation of Chaos: In the likely event that you fail, a piece of yourself can still live on in future disciples.

Roaring Depression: Explore and interact with a 1920's themed world filled with secret histories.

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  • Cultist Simulator: Bring the Dawn Trailer

    Herald in a new age crafted from the ground up by your many decisions in Cultist Simulator, a single-narrative digital boardgame of apocalypse and yearning

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