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Cyber Monster is a turn-based MMORPG played in your browser. Choose between warrior, mage, cleric, or ranger for your class, and adventure across the colorful land as you seek to stop the evil of the Shadow Dragon. Along the way, you'll collect mini-pets, mounts, and equipment that will help you challenge tougher monsters. If you're short on time, you can also participate in a variety of daily events designed to give you an additional boost.


Four Classes: Will you be a powerful warrior, a wily mage, a pious priest, or a ranger skilled with the bow? Each class has different function, skills, and equipment to choose from!

Guild Functions: Players in guilds have some benefits others do not. Put your lesser used pets in the farm, join a squad, and summon your guild's spirit beast! Guild quests are also available exclusively to guild members.

Monsters, Pets, and Mounts: Unlock a variety of pets as you play, using them in combat, and training their abilities. You can also summon beasts you have defeated to assist you in battle, should you master them. Various mounts await your discovery too!

Activities and Rewards: Participate in daily events, and receive prizes just for logging in each day! You can participate no matter what, even if you're not going to play for long!

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