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Dalethaan is a top-down, 2D browser-based MMORPG that features a card battling system. There are over 1,000 monsters to battle and items to collect in the game. You can build your skill deck however you'd like using a variety of cards to equip yourself. Crafting professions all have their unique spin, giving players plenty to do in the world.


Card Based Combat: Engage your foes in real time, card-based combat. Develop your skill deck to suit your play style, and demolish any opponent who stands in your way!

Innovative Crafting: Not your run of the mill systems found in many MMORPGs, Dalethaan makes crafting engaging and worth doing. Six gathering skills, six crafting skills, and three enchanting skills await you!

Thousands of Monsters: Battle against foe after foe as you quest across the land. Find powerful pieces of equipment to grow even stronger.

Free-to-Play: Dalethaan is playable right in your browser, anywhere you are. Need to step away from your keyboard for an extended period? Dalethaan won't log you out like many MMORPGs out there.

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