Dark and Light’s First DLC Expansion Coming This Summer

Dark and Light DLC Expansion news

Coming in Summer 2018, Dark and Light‘s first DLC Expansion, “Shard of Faith” expands the Archos universe with a new playable map, new levels of power, and much more. This content will be a free automatic upgrade to owners of the core game and will be available to purchase on Steam for new adventurers. This is also a celebration of the one year anniversary since Dark and Light released on Steam Early Access. The Dark Plane has appeared on the horizon where a corruption has infected the vibrant homelands and gods awaken from their centuries-long slumber. At launch, players will find themselves in brand new areas battling against the mysterious Faiths and uncovering ancient secret rites as they must unite to put the world back into balance.

In order to prepare for this expansion, Dark and Light will have a Steam Summer Sale for 50% off and players, new and loyal will receive double drop rate bonus for the upcoming week.

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