Dark Relic

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    Triad Game Studios, LLC

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Dark Relic is an ambitious blend of tabletop and MMO role-playing. Based off 'The 6th Aspect' Dungeons and Dragons campaign, Dark Relic presents a new perspective on becoming an adventurer. Develop your skills and choose a class after visiting the class guilds and choosing which you prefer; then, hone your skills to become an official member of the guild. Become a simple or master crafter, customize a home, and run a guild hall in a world where you set the pace.


Customizable Homes: Each player will have the ability to customize their homes and/or Guild Halls with storage units, furniture, decorations, and a level of security permissions.

Specialized Guild Mechanics: Personalized customizations, permissions, and settings are just the start for guild masters and officers. Guilds will also be focused on tasks, goals, and alliances, rather than end game progression.

Factions: An expansive faction system includes a Five Regent (continental) faction system.

Variety of Play: Integrated PvE and PvP, two PvP systems, civics, and alignment are just the start of new ways to interact with the world.

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