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DarkScape is a PvP focused MMORPG by Jagex Game Studios. Based directly from RuneScape 3, DarkScape focuses on nearly unrestricted open world PvP wehre any player can be attacked at any given moment. In the world of DarkScape, no one is safe.


14 years of adventure: As DarkScape is based off of RuneScape, over 14 years of playable content is already available.

Total Chaos: PvP is always on in the world of DarkScape. The farther you venture, the more likely you are to be attacked, and safe havens become less frequent. For the greatest rewards, you'll have to risk it all.

Savage Frontiers: Fortunes can be made by gathering goods from DarkScape's deadliest climes and selling them in safer lands...or by preying on those doing so.

Stake your claim: The world of DarkScape is developing it as you play, adapting it to your actions and providing lethal new challenges with regular updates.

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