Darkwind War on Wheels Interview: How it all Started


Darkwind: War on Wheels is one of the more unique games I've played in a while. The mix of tactical, turn-based carnage in an MMO setting really works well. We here at OnRPG got the opportunity to talk to the lead developer of the game Sam Redfern and here's what he had to say on how the game started and what's in store in the coming months.

Darkwind War on Wheels Review: Turn Based Road Rage Anyone?


I'm a big fan of Twisted Metal from back in the hay day of the PlayStation. Ever since then that game became a personal benchmark in terms of car-violence themed games. With that in mind, I never really thought that there would come a time where  a decent turn-based game like this would turn up.

Darkwind: War on Wheels launches Factions and Squad Combat Leagues


Darkwind, the multiplayer on-line turn based strategy war game continues to receive positive media reviews in both indie and mainstream press. The latest features to the game are Factions and Squad Combat Leagues which offer a completely new dimension to the game with an emphasis on consensual PvP play.