Day of Infamy

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Day of Infamy is a buy-to-play 3D shooter developed by New World Interactive for PC, Mac, Linux, and is available for download on Steam. In Day of Infamy players can take to the battlegrounds of Europe during World War II. Everything from ruined villages and farms to snow-covered forests will be the stages for your battles as the U.S. Army, Commonwealth Forces, or the German Wehrmacht. Take up arms in a historic regiment, fight your way through a war-torn Europe alongside your allies, and attempt to survive your Day of Infamy.


Match Objectives: Fight in 10 different game modes that will have you capturing different objectives, eliminating enemy officers, destroying radio communications and more to beat the enemy team.

Strategic Nature: Lay prone to steady your aim, lean around corners to see what's up ahead, and walk slowly to muffle your footsteps. You won't be just blindly running into action in this game!

Classes: 9 different classes can be played as, including the Officer class which when paired with a Radioman they can jointly call in support requests like supply drops, bombing runs, and smoke screens.

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