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Deadbreed is a fastpaced, hardcore Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) with RPG features. While having a darker, more horrific theme than most other MOBA titles, Deadbreed sets itself from pack by offering a ton of unique features never before attempted in the genre.


Unique heroes: Choose your hero from a wide range of night-, half- and daybreed. Each hero has its own unique set of special abilities and plays differently depending on the way you equip them!

Full-on character customizatione: Not only can you customize your character's set of abilities, but also their appearance. No two heroes can ever look or play the same.

Open-ended gameplay: Along with traditional MOBA combat, maps have customizable options like Dungeons, side- and PvP-Quests.

Sentinel battles: A team chosen Sentinel becomes the endgame bossfight challenge. The outcome of each match change your status with the Sentinels and affect their power.

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