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Death Stair is an asymetrical party game by RnD Labs. With the simple goal of ruining friendships, players are tasked with firing beachball-filled cannons at other players in an attempt to prevent them from climbing up a flight of stairs.


11 game modes: From different ammunition, new environments, crazy rules and cooperative modes, there is something to keep you amused all day long.

Tons of characters: 12 Playable characters all with different special abilities and attributes so you can customize your play style!

Different ammo types: Ammunition can be changed in custom match and the Gunner can choose their desired loadout. 3 different types of ammo are available to the Gunner, Primary, Secondary and Special.

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Game Videos

  • Death Stair Steam Release Trailer

    Death StairĀ is finally coming! August 16th, it happens on Steam. Do you have the gumption to run up stairs and not die? Sounds simple. . .

  • Death Stair E3 2016 Trailer

    Death Stair reveals new weapons and an insane new map in their E3 2016 presentation trailer.

Game Articles

  • PAX South 2016: Death Stair

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