Deep Rock Galactic

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    Ghost Ship Games

  • Genres:
    Fantasy, Shooter

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Deep Rock Galactic is a sci-fi 4-player co-op first-person-shooter featuring fearless dwarves on a dangerous and hostile planet. Dig, blast, and fight your way through a destructible environment to uncover buried dangers and dazzling riches, available for Windows and the Xbox One.


There's No Me in Team: Utilize your unique class to assist your teammates in a variety of ways.

Craftsmen: Carefully consider the right tool for the right job, lives are stake here.

Diggy-Diggy Hole: Survive against the perils of a planet that wants you dead.

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  • Deep Rock Galactic E3 2017 Trailer

    They had me at "four player first-person co-op" with fully destructible environments. Deep Rock Galactic is going to blow peoples minds!

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