Deep Sky Derelicts

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    Snowhound Games

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    Sci-Fi, Strategy

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Deep Sky Derelicts, developed by Snowhound Games, is a 2D Rocketpunk exploration RPG with a comic book flair. You find yourself a member of a crew of scavengers tasked with finding a specific ship in the vast cosmos of space. To do so you'll need to survey and explore ancient derelict spaceships drifting in the vacuum.


Cell Shading: Reminiscent of Darkest Dungeon's art and animation style.

Complex Strategy: Your team consists of 3 members out of 6 classes, organized any way you like, granting wide variety of approaches to the game.

Rogue-like Exploration: The derelicts are proceduraly generated, giving plenty of surprises.

Multiple Play-Modes: Contains both a Campaign and Arena setting.

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