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Demon Crusade is an eastern MMORPG with action, turn-based, and side-scrolling elements. Players take on the role of demons fighting to both protect and dominate the Underworld, and in their quest to do either, amass power through the use of miracles and the hunting of valuable relics.


Miracle System: In order to unlock their most powerful abilities, players must gather oil for magic lamps, which they then rub to release miracle abilities. Miracles are used in battle and come in several ranks - pantheon, heirloom, epic, and legendary. With proper use, even a low-ranked pantheon miracle can lay low powerful enemies.

Strong Enemy AI: The AI in Demon Crusade is advertised as being complex and challenging, with no two fights being truly the same. Enemies learn from player strategies and field complex decisions and maneuvers of their own. A player's ability to defeat foes rests in tactical skill, more than anything else.

Turn-Based Battlegrounds: The game will feature turn-based battlegrounds, which can be cooperative and include a partner. The player and their partner collaborate, using tactical thinking and strategy to bring down large groups of enemies. Everything from unit formation to flanking are included in the mechanics of these battles.

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