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Demon Tribe is a free-to-play battle game that blends MOBA, card collection, and RPG gameplay. Players must build a powerful team of demons that can be collected, captured, and fused. Compete in co-op and competitive play against other players in synchronous PvP. Demon Tribe will be available for all multiple platforms that support browser games, starting with the iPad and eventually becoming available for the web.


Hundreds of Demons: Over 250 demons are available to be collected and captured. Tap into their power by fusing them and passing on their powers.

Fight For Power: Play as an individual fighter, mastering melee and ranged weapons and using alchemy to strengthen your gear. Send your fighters on missions to acquire new technology and resources.

Real Time Battles: Co-op and competitive, MOBA-style battles await, supporting up to six players with a clan ranking and reward system.

High Quality: Created by Masayoshi Kikuchi (Panzer Dragoon, Yakuza, Jet Grind Radio), Demon Tribe has over 1.1GB of gaming and graphics, with a 3D rendered world, animated cut scenes, and full musical score.

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    Sega introduces a powerful new mobile game that combines elements of MOBAs, TCGs, and RPG into an online environment. Get ready to face the demon hordes in

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