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Devouring Stars is an indie strategy game developed by Nerial and is available for purchase on steam for PC, Mac, and Linux. In Devouring stars you can take control of the stars by playing as a group of godlike entities trapped in Tartarus. By devouring stars you can create protective nebulas and even combine your entities to make advanced entities with new skills. By using the stars to your advantage and exemplifying your tactical prowess you might just be able to take over the cosmos!


Entity Combinations: By merging the 4 basic entities of earth, air, fire, and water you can create up to 15 different advanced entities!

Varying Strategies: Diversions, escape routes, direct attacks, and utilizing different entities enable you to strategize in the way that suits your needs best.

Beautiful Display: With a unique particule system that can display thousands of stars and generated starfields offering a range of beautiful layouts you will find yourself enthralled with the wondrousness of space.

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    Devouring Stars is a celestial real-time strategy game currently available in early access on Steam.

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