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Diabotical is a fast-paced Arena FPS for Windows PC. Created by eSports professionals and former Quake developers, Diabotical aims to bring back the fragging action of challenging arena multiplayer in a colorful robotic world


Plenty of Game Modes: Team Deathmatch, Free for All, Capture the Flag, Duel, Defrag, and more - including original game modes like Wingbot (co-op 2v2) - leave plenty of ways to play.

Expansive Features: Players can count on matchmaking, solo/team queues, public/private servers, modding workshops, and social features to offer an ever-active community.

eSport Ready: Ladders, ranked play, combat stats, in-game tournaments and custom player-run tournaments will await the competitive.

Massive Customization:  Customize your bot with skins, voice chips, animations, taunts, stickers, and more. Plus a multi-user map editor means player maps will be the star.

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Game Videos

  • Diabotical Launch Trailer

    Diabotical is out now! Show off your FPS skills and creative game play in this fast paced free-to-play arena shooter. Take to battle with a variety of weap

  • Diabotical Kickstarter Trailer

    The GD Studio introduces Diabotical, a fast-paced arena FPS now on Kickstarter.

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