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Digimon Masters follows the story of the digital world created through a network of computers tied to the master computer known as Yggdrasil. You play as a human who has entered this world in order to capture and train Digimon to unleash the full potential of their power.


Choose a Human: Players can select from one of three human players, each with varying starting stats that influence Digimon combat.

Choose a Partner: One of three Digimon partners are available to choose at the beginning of the game. These Digimon are extremely powerful if trained well and can reach the ultimate Digi form with enough patience and training. Digimon are classified as either ranged or melee and each learn unique skills that separate them for other Digimon.

Detailed Storyline: Follow the various quests through the game as an intricate story about DATS unfolds.

Attribute and Element System: Each digimon has one of 5 attributes (neutral, data, vaccine, virus, and unidentified) as well as their attacks having one of 10 elements (fire, water, ice, wind, earth, wood, iron, thunder, darkness, light). Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of each attribute and element is vital to obtaining victory in any battle.

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  • chkokkotas

    i cant play digimon i have create acount but he kick me from server and nwo i cant login with my acount that is report

  • Bima


  • sweetdigmon

    digmon is asome is it.geeksout.

  • digi

    is anyone on

  • zver

    is anyone playing

    • Chase Davenport

      it wontut let me play it because it wont download. it is stuck at a place while downloading.

  • Chase Davenport

    it wont download 🙁 so i cant play it 🙁

  • trenton


  • anderson

    crero jogar digmon

  • foxtele

    i want shoutmon and the new digivise

  • foxtele

    plz add

  • EpicJosh


  • joshua

    guys who playing dmo

  • oyeah
  • body


  • body


  • body


  • exploited07

    how to download this game?

    • Mr Dmo

      go to Joymax.com/dmo and dowload it

      • Keegan Smith

        go to dmo.gameking.com *

  • qsedfghj

    i want v mon

  • #swag123

    10 out of 10

  • montey71


  • Molen Kadek

    how playng this game

  • Pixel_Pon

    holla amigos

  • starshawn

    How do I start the game

  • steve

    how to make account i dont have yahoo account

  • Ocean


  • Anonymus(cant spell)

    Guys if u want to play dmo go to joymax create a account then download but the hardest part is installing after u dowload it go to windows click on it at click the lalamon

    • Keegan Smith

      ur sopposed to go to dmo.gameking.com joymax lost rights to game so movegames aka gameking took over

  • arsene

    I waaaanna play but I have a mac

  • titus

    i want to play but it keeps saying joymax is under matinance and its said that for the past week now

  • Akagami Shanks

    So uhm is this game available? Digimon Masters?

  • rooroo

    ya been saying that for a long time :/ and im new its been amlomst 2 months when i found this site and still cant play :/

  • Keegan Smith

    go to dmo.gameking.com for digimon masters offical site

  • eternaldemon

    dmo.gameking.com and http://www.aeriagames.com/playnow/dmus
    both r hosting Digimon Masters online now which is official? im totaly confused

  • BigB

    I want Digimon Masters NOW NOT IN JAPANESE