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Disco Elysium is an sci-fi themed isometric role-playing game where you take on the role of a cop and work to fight crime in an urban environment plagued with apathy and corruption. Kick down doors, interrogate suspects, and chase down the leads to solve mysteries in a massive open-world weaving together countless narratives and storylines.

Business Model: Retail

Microtransactions: Currently None

Key Features:

Into the Slums: Explore a dystopian city and bring to light the worst humanity has to offer.

Playing God: There won't be an easy solution to the complicated problems plaguing the town, mull over and accept the responsibility of tough decisions.

Making Conversation: Talk to city's inhabitants and gain valuable information.

Life or Death: Engage in dynamic combat sequences and live to fight another day.

From Beat Cop to Detective: Grow over time the various attributes and skills that makes a great officer of the law.

Point & Click: Mix and match inventory items to advance particular situations.

Plants and Needles: Choose to take part in or manipulate substance abuse, while it may help in a pinch, harbor no doubt certain drugs can cause irreparable damage.

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