Discordia: Guardians of the Domain

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    Movimiento Épico

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    Fantasy, Strategy

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Discordia: Guardians of the Domain is a free-to-play tactical PvP roleplaying game for Windows, Mac, and Linux.


Three Factions: Players can represent one of three factions, known as Pillars. Each Pillar has its own unique Guardians, Units, and Dominions. Each player victory earns essence for their Pillar, and the winning Pillar at the end of the season gets special rewards and impacts the future of Itria.

Collectable Units: Units and Archetypes provide for hundreds of possible combinations that can be brought into battle.

Unique Guardians: Each Guardian is completely unique, with its own essence tree, combat features and backstory.

Dynamic Gameplay: Modify your strategy on the fly due to multiple terrain types, destructible props, and different unit sizes.

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