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DiscStorm is a 2D pixel MOBA developed by XMPT Games for PC, Mac, Linux, and PS Vita where players will engage in disc-throwing action in order to eliminate enemies and prove that they are the best at their trade. DiscStorm is available for download on Steam and features both singleplayer and multiplayer modes. Golems, wizards, and even floating eyeballs will all stand in the player's way in singleplayer mode, forcing the player to use throw their three discs at them and whittle away their health. These discs will bounce off of objects and eventually fall to the ground, needing to be retrieved in order to be thrown again. In Multiplayer different modes like regicide and deathmatch are available to play against friends and test your skills. Players will need to think fast and react faster if they want to stay alive amidst the disc tossing insanity.


Character Skins: As players progress through the game they will be able to unlock character skins that can be applied to available characters to change their appearance.

Local or Online Multiplayer: DiscStorm can be played with friends either locally or online, giving players a little variety in how they would like to fight against each other.

Retro Sensation: Both the classically pixelated graphics and high fidelity audio of DiscStorm give it a more retro atmosphere.

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