Disney Tsum Tsum Festival

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    BB Studios

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Disney Tsum Tsum Festival lets you collect Tsum Tsum and play Tsum Tsum games.

Business Model: Retail Purchase $49.99 USD

Microtransactions: Unknown. Probably.

Key Features:

Tsum Tsum: Play the popular Tsum Tsum puzzle game with Tsum Tsum friends to earn Tsum Tsum points and buy more Tsum Tsum.

Fun Fun: Play with other players worldwide in curling, coin dozer, and bubble hockey games. With your Tsum Tsum of course.

World Domination: Collect all the adorable Tsum Tsum as you swim through them like Scrooge McDuck. Make sure to cackle maniacly as you march your Tsum Tsum against your enemies.

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