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Divina Online follows a convoluted story based on Norse legends of Ragnarok. Players must take up arms following the destruction of the world to protect the Goddess Clarisse. Unfortunately she remembers nothing and it's up to you to restore her memory and save the world.


Monster Transformation: Players can alter their form into various monsters to get serious when a battle calls for it.

Branching Class Tree: Players can begin the game as a fighter, cleric, wizard, ranger, or ninja, and will be able to transform into one of two classes upon reaching level 30.

Weapon Style: Every class is given multiple weapon styles to choose from, differentiating themselves from others. For instance clerics can take up two handed rods to be more active offensive forces, debuffing enemies, or use a one handed rod and shield to fill the primary healer role while being less exposed to enemy attacks.

Pet Soulmate System: Players can bond deeply with their pets, in a system similar to the Lucent Heart soulmate system.

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